Water and Energy Saving

Energy management solutions that support your brand values

Reducing energy and water consumption saves money and enhances corporate reputation. We are continuously developing systems and processes and adopting technological innovations to reduce our own and our clients’ energy consumption, water usage and carbon emissions.

Take control of your water usage and reduce energy bills whilst creating an efficient and pleasant washroom experience.

The Cannon-Flo waterless urinal solution eliminates water costs, while managing bacteria and odours. It is also good for the environment. Our Intelligent Water Management System controls the flush cycle of a urinal cistern and together with the advanced microbiological solutions in the Bioblock urinal cartridge it prevents blockages and keeps malodours at bay. Water use is significantly reduced and the standard of your washroom is not compromised with bad odours.

There have been great leaps recently in the technology used to power hand dryers. This has highlighted the fact that older hand dryers use far too much power to dry hands. It is easier than ever to upgrade your hand dryers to one of the stylish Cannon Hygiene range and we will work closely with you to provide the right solution. 

‘Hands in’ or ‘Hands under’ we can supply the leading hand dryer whether you require the classic ‘hands under’ option or the contemporary ‘hands in’ option. Our ‘hands under’ Eco Dryer operates at a cost effective 900W and takes just 10 seconds to dry hands.

The Cannon Airjet is the original ‘hands in’ solution. It delivers staggering performance using minimal power. Unlike other ‘hands in’ options, the Cannon Airjet collects excess water from hands ensuring it does not transfer to the floor damaging your tiles. Options are available on the colour and they are easy to install.