Secure Smart

SecureSmart™ management solutions and electronic security solutions

SecureSmart™ is an innovative security solution, unique to OCS. Designed to work smarter in response to increasingly sophisticated threats, the system utilises an analytical approach to establish clients’ real security requirements.This analysis is then used to build a bespoke multi service solution that eliminates unnecessary expenditure and targets the specific threats facing your business.

Faced with a constantly changing security landscape, it is vital that companies think smarter about their security solution in order to mitigate risk. The SecureSmart™ process combines our expertise in electronic security solutionsmanned guardingasset and inventory control and confidential waste disposal, providing clients with the most appropriate, cost effective security solution to ensure advanced, effective and integrated defences.

The six-stage SecureSmart™ planning model constructs a holistic picture of the client’s security environment and risks:

  • A full review of the client’s current security solutions to understand key issues
  • A risk evaluation precisely identifies the specific areas of threat and potential system weaknesses in order to verify and prioritise risk
  • A security overview provides recommendations in accordance with client goals
  • The optimum balance of our self-delivered specialist security services is defined and pricing applied in order to facilitate budget comparisons and understanding of potential cost benefits
  • Analysis of bespoke security solution to identify further system efficiencies
  • Ongoing review and improvement of the system, refining the model and incorporating latest technology