Vehicle and Asset Audit


Professional audit service for vehicles and assets

OCS supports the commercial risk divisions of major ‘wholesale’ vehicle and asset fund providers. Our vehicle audit service also covers commercial vehicles, motorcycles plant and machinery and marine equipment.

The OCS audit team visit dealerships throughout the country on behalf of clients to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of their funding agreements, by physically counting and verifying the presence of vehicles and assets.

Our team of highly experienced audit professionals deliver accurate management information for clients enabling them to manage risk more effectively.

Asset Management System

This asset management system brings a range of benefits including maintenance recording, location hierarchies, cost centre hierarchies and determination of depreciation, all of which is crucial for effective accounting as well as lease control.

Asset verification and Asset Auditing

The OCS team develop inventories, meticulously recording every asset using hand-held data terminals and giving each a unique barcode to produce and maintains an accurate asset register. The register in spreadsheet format contains detailed information on the description, quantity and condition of each asset.

We also provide a current independent valuation of the recorded assets for insurance purposes, balance-sheet accounting or business sales.