Self inventory services, equipment rental and management information

OCS is trusted by many of the largest retailers in the world to provide stocktaking services and is regarded as a market leader in the area.

Fully managed service

The OCS stocktaking team is equipped with the very latest hand held scanning terminals and PDA’s. We provide dedicated client account managers to oversee every step of the stocktaking process. Throughout any stocktake the performance of the team is monitored by our management team and regular performance reviews are conducted to ensure that consistently high levels of accuracy are achieved. Following a stocktake, clients have immediate access to detailed online reports and management information.

OCS conducts stocktaking for a wide range of clients across a number of retail and manufacturing sectors including; supermarkets, high street fashion chains, garden centres, DIY stores, forecourts and pharmacies.

Poor stock management will adversely affect the profitability of a business, impacting on customer service, stockroom management, sales and profitability. In addition to conducting regular stocktakes the OCS team has the expertise to investigate the causes of any stock loss, stock corruption and stock availability issues within your business and will work with you to develop plans

Self inventory services

For some clients budgetary constraints may preclude the use of third-party specialists for stocktaking services. However, relying on store staff to conduct stocktaking without access to the right training, equipment and systems can lead to unreliable results.

The OCS Self Inventory Service allows you to conduct large-scale stocktaking with pinpoint accuracy, without the expense of outsourcing the entire count. We provide highly-trained managers to coordinate the stocktaking process and give round-the-clock support, whilst passing on valuable skills and experience to your own staff, who will use our latest handheld barcode readers to enable data to be collected quickly and accurately. Adapting our software to integrate with your systems, our IT team ensures data is presented in a way which best meets your needs.

Equipment rental

Some clients chose to manage their own stocktaking and to make this possible we offer a number of equipment rental options for barcode scanning equipment. By hiring RF enabled handheld terminals you benefit from a reduction in the time spent stocktaking as well as quick, accurate data collection. Alongside this we can provide our stocktake solution software, enabling you to track your data and gain a complete picture of your stock position.

Management information

One of the main benefits of outsourcing stocktaking is the quality and detail of reports and management information provided at the end of the audit. The technology used by OCS and the software used to manage client data can interface directly with the majority of client systems. We use our own bespoke audit software. We have developed a broad menu of reports available both during and after the count our reports can be designed to meet your needs and to integrate with your in house IT and management reporting processes. We provide clients with secure on line access to the stock audit data and reports. We have also developed a market leading web based management information ‘dashboard’ which allows our clients to drill down through multiple layers of data by simply logging into the site.