Profit Protection/Loss Prevention


Managing stock control and preventing stock loss

In the retail industry the quality and efficiency of stock management systems and procedures are key to profitable, successful business while inefficiencies can result in lost revenue.

Our profit protection service extends the support we can offer to retail clients in minimising the drain on their bottom line profits. We offer a personal level of service, with an experienced team that work closely with clients to achieve a deeper understanding of their businesses and to provide cost effective and flexible solutions.

Our service covers all areas of a business which impact on stock loss, stock control and internal and external theft or fraud. The OCS profit protection service provides end-to-end reviews of systems and procedures, throughout your business, to ensure compliance and identify any gaps and weaknesses. Following a review our team will develop proposals designed to address any issues identified, this may involve the introduction of new processes or simply strengthening existing ones. OCS will also assist in the implementation of any new procedures introduced and will then review the results.

Internal and external theft and fraud

Identification and resolution of internal theft and fraud can be time consuming as well as costly. To help you tackle problems of internal and external crime, our profit protection team can provide a full investigation service and an extensive premises security review. Following an investigation the team will then deliver a comprehensive report including recommendations and an action plan designed to help you protect our business.