Good Faith Receiving


Ensuring efficiency in your supply chain

Incorrect or incomplete deliveries to distribution centres or direct to store can cost retailers millions of pounds in lost revenue on an annual basis. Checking deliveries can be a time consuming costly process requiring staff to check each and every incoming delivery against consignment notes. Where inaccuracies are identified, it is often impossible to track exactly where in the supply chain these have happened.

Good Faith Receiving is increasingly being adopted by many retailers to overcome these issues. Good faith receiving relies on sample stock checks being conducted at various points in the supply chain to gain an overall picture of stock accuracy and integrity over any given period. If the data indicates that deliveries from a supplier are consistently accurate over a period of time then the retailer no longer needs to check each and every delivery as future consignments from that source can be accepted in ‘Good Faith’.

This process relies upon the accuracy of the sample stock checks conducted at the outset and at regular intervals. OCS employs highly trained teams using handheld barcode scanners to ensure accuracy in the sample checks conducted on inbound deliveries to store or distribution centres. This gives our clients the confidence to accept deliveries in Good Faith and benefit from a more effective use of staff resources, improved efficiency and stock availability.