Asset Verification and Condition Survey

Asset condition assessment

Our clients need to know what condition their assets are in and what is required to keep them in optimum condition for successful future planning. This is a key element of any contract for both our client and OCS, and should not be underestimated.

The asset verification survey clearly establishes the assets that are actually installed and therefore require maintaining. This assessment enables a full and comprehensive asset register to be agreed, against which any future changes can then be accurately recorded. 

The condition survey sets the baseline performance operating parameters at the point of contract commencement for the installed plant, equipment and systems, against which both the service provider’s liabilities and an agreed maintenance regime can be effectively developed. This process also enables a full and comprehensive forward maintenance plan and lifecycle cost plan to be developed. 

These surveys are typically undertaken as part of the mobilisation and set up procedure. OCS carries out a detailed asset survey of the client buildings in line with the agreed parameters prior to commencement of the survey. 

From the information collected during the asset verification survey we compile a comprehensive list of all the mechanical, electrical and maintainable building fabric assets and develop a five year forward maintenance plan, which is updated annually. 

The implementation of a set of fixed asset policies and procedures including the asset verification and condition survey can provide a number of benefits:

  • Your fixed asset data is complete, accurate and up-to-date so that the information necessary for accounting, financial and tax reporting and management decision making is available when needed
  • You have control over asset inventory and movement as well as maintenance, from procurement/acquisition right through to disposal
  • We provide you with a better definition of the capital budgeting process