Winter Maintenance

Grounds maintenance services - snow and ice clearing and extreme weather events

OCS keeps your routes, roads, runways, paths and car parks clear of snow and ice throughout the winter season. We provide snow and ice clearance services in accordance with risk assessments and Safe Systems of Work to guide our techniques. Our snow and ice removal service is both proactive and responsive. We are linked into the Metrological Office’s forecasts and use client determined criteria to activate timely responses.

We work with our clients to prepare contingency plans to identify specific routes to be cleared and the times they need to be open. Our plans detail staff call-out procedures and notification times with predetermined activation criteria and communications clearly presented. We survey and map your grounds using geospatial technology to form a database of routes to be kept clear, giving you secure, web-based visualisation of your estate and asset condition. Where we deliver grounds services we have dual use machinery, fitting tractors and vans with ploughs and salt spreaders to optimise value for our clients across the seasons. Our staff are trained to operate the required machinery safely and lay grit and salt to the required density and remove snow and ice effectively.

All of our snow and ice removal services are delivered with minimal disruption to your organisation, staff and visitors. We provide these services across a number of public and private sector sites.

We understand the devastating effects that weather can have on your operation and the inconvenience it can cause you and your customers if not dealt with correctly. OCS is capable of handling challenging contracts that are prone to extreme weather conditions, such as storm damage (tree blow down) and flooding, acting quickly and responsively where required. We have a 24/7 operations centre, experienced management teams and skilled staff able to tackle the consequences of events safely and competently. We work with clients to identify likely scenarios, draw up contingency plans and prepare communications and call-out procedures. We can scale up resource where required and proactively assist with the consequences of extreme weather events, such as dealing with flooded car parks, removing fallen trees, helping motorists to access their vehicles and cleaning up affected areas