Conservation and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) Maintenance

Conservation and maintenance of SSSI

OCS has a wealth of experience in delivering services whilst protecting the environmental and biodiversity characteristics of each individual site we look after, including the 65 SSSIs, 50 scheduled ancient monuments and five UNESCO World Heritage Sites along the 2,000 miles of waterway networks managed by the Canal & River Trust.

We secure the long-term sustainable condition of SSSIs, protected habitats and ecosystems by managing all conservation features (flora and fauna) and protecting them from damage or loss while enabling the client’s principal activities to be undertaken.

Our management of SSSIs, habitats and ecosystems ensures that our client sites meet the statutory requirements to maintain ‘Favourable’ status. This includes managing sites covered by SSSI, EU designated Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and Special Protection Area (SPA). In the ten years since 2004, we have raised the status of SSSIs under our management to a 97% ‘Favourable’, against a Government target to raise the condition of SSSI to 50% ‘Favourable’ by 2020.                                                                                                

Our professional conservation advisors ensure best practice and statutory compliance. They are experienced at surveying sites, drawing up and implementing plans, assessing environmental risks and reporting outcomes. We survey and map conservation features using our unique geospatial tool to form a database that gives you web-based visualisation of your asset condition.

Based on achieving the objectives set out in Clients’ Management Plans, we provide Rural Estate Maintenance Plans for each SSSI to deliver conservation work annually. We achieve successful implementation and management of those plans by working to statutory conservation requirements whilst ensuring a good fit with individual user requirements, whether it is military training or civilian airport operations. The relationship we have with our clients combined with our expertise, advance planning and staff training, ensures that our clients hold their reputation for environmental excellence.