Air Quality and Thermal Environment

Indoor air quality in the workplace

The air quality in any workplace is important for both health and safety, and the comfort and productivity of your staff.  

We have wide experience in assessing all types of buildings to ensure they comply with workplace environmental standards. We carry out testing in environments such as hospitals, manufacturing facilities, clean rooms, colleges and universities, and in a variety of sectors such as food and pharmaceutical, retail, utilities, distribution and transport. 

Poor air quality has been related to symptoms of sick building syndrome, respiratory illnesses or a general increase in sickness absence. Our specialist surveyors will check the condition of air handling units and ductwork, test ventilation performance (air supply change rates) and for concentrations of airborne bacteria, moulds or spores. We will also monitor indoor air quality for CO2, volatile organic compounds and noxious gases.  

Thermal comfort and the thermal environment also play an important part in a building’s health. Getting it wrong can lead to the unsafe behaviour of occupants, for example not wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), or not being able to concentrate on a given task, could lead to costly errors or even injury. We also check other comfort criteria such as dust and lighting levels, odour investigations and noise.

Our specialist team of surveyors and technicians provide a nationwide coverage ensuring that all sites can be assessed and managed centrally. We provide assessment reports to demonstrate compliance with the *Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1999, the Health and Safety Executive and the World Health Organisation.