Window Cleaning

Commercial window cleaning and high rise window cleaning

We have a long history and many years of experience in commercial window cleaning as this was the first service provided by our company over 100 years ago when a ‘man with a ladder’ started out.

Our commercial window cleaning offering today uses the latest techniques and technologies to enable our specialist teams to work on some of the country’s most difficult and demanding buildings. Our teams of highly trained window cleaners employ a variety of solutions to access all types of buildings. These include cradle-based access equipment, mobile alloy towers, mobile elevating working platforms or even abseiling for high rise window cleaning.

Where possible (up to 80 feet or 7 floors high), our teams of window cleaners use high level reach and pole wash cleaning systems, lessening the health and safety risks while making our clients a significant saving in their total cleaning costs. Our teams also use PDA technology to access the correct procedures and cut down on administration and paperwork, enabling us to deliver the best value, professional service possible. Company Audits are done using Ecat technology.

Not only that, our window cleaning teams are continuously trained in health and safety procedures, particularly when working at height, and are regularly tested at national, trade organisation or company level.