Delivering improvement efficiencies in cleaning

Here at OCS we are very proud of our innovative CleanSmart system which delivers dramatic improvements in the efficiency of the cleaning process and saves on valuable resources.

The system has already been used successfully in over 50 million square feet of buildings worldwide. Tried and tested techniques have proved the capabilities of the process, which requires a complete change in approach from traditional cleaning methods.

OCS has embraced the opportunity to use the strategic planning techniques involved for the benefit of our clients. We have worked in partnership with many major clients and use CleanSmart to deliver a more efficient, safe, secure and sustainable cleaning service. Using this system does not mean a reduction in the quality of service. On the contrary, CleanSmart delivers a much higher level of consistent service and potential benefits in terms of safety, security and energy use.

How does it work?

Our project team will work within a building to make a comprehensive assessment of data, including square footage, fabric types and population densities as well as identifying any key constraints. Our specialists then develop detailed schedules using our bespoke CleanTech software programme and these, along with a comprehensive training plan for our staff and supervisors, can result in valuable time savings and reduced downtime per person.