Supply Chain Auditing

Supply chain audit management services

The management of inventory in the manufacturing and distribution sector is an increasingly complex discipline in an expanding global marketplace.  

Our supply chain audit management service has been developed to ensure consignment checks are made throughout the supply chain on either a fully managed or self-inventory basis. Our highly trained auditors will pinpoint and resolve incorrect deliveries at all points along the supply chain, from suppliers to logistics operators.

Our auditors are also able to spot check vehicle loading compliance to ensure that consignments are correctly loaded to the right vehicle for the right location. We will also validate that the vehicle has been loaded in a safe and compliant manner meaning case quality and integrity are maintained through the journey.

We use our own bespoke audit software to provide a broad range of reports and information for clients at the end of the audit with access to their own secure web-based management information dashboard.  

Independent results enable our clients to make informed decisions, establish performance agreements with suppliers and logistics providers and help manufacturers to protect themselves from claims of inaccurate order fulfilment.