Good Faith Receiving

Good faith receiving for manufacturing facilities and distribution centres

Incorrectly-fulfilled deliveries of stock account for millions of pounds of revenue each year. Ensuring deliveries are accurate requires your retail staff to check every delivery against consignment notes. If there are any inaccuracies, it is extremely difficult to identify where in the supply chain the discrepancy has occurred.

Our highly trained teams of auditors will carry out sample stock checks at various supply chain points including port of origin, to assess the accuracy of deliveries. A high degree of accuracy is achieved by our teams using handheld barcode technology. The data is extrapolated to give a true overall picture of stock accuracy over any given period which can be used by both vendors and logistics companies to improve the accuracy of stock movements and reduce costs incurred through loss of stock during transit.

OCS provides a comprehensive service for auditing deliveries at a range of retail stores, industrial and manufacturing facilities, wholesalers and distribution centres and in a varied range of sectors. Once the sample data has been proved to be a true representation, the need for valuable retail staff to spend time checking and reconciling every delivery is reduced.  

Using our specialist teams for the good faith receiving process will help reduce costs and speed up the distribution process.