Manufacturing and Distribution

Stock take, supply chain audit and specialist cleaning

At OCS we understand the importance of the very diverse manufacturing and distribution sectors and the many services that are required to keep this backbone of the economy running smoothly and efficiently.

In our experience, when adding up the total cost of man hours, overtime and inconvenience caused, carrying out a stock take in-house isn’t necessarily the most cost effective way.

We offer a tailor made solution to your stock inventory and audit needs that will fit in with the demands of your business. Our specialist teams can undertake a full warehouse count, a perpetual inventory count or a supply chain audit with the speed and accuracy needed to cover the large areas of a distribution centre or manufacturing facility.

We also know that incorrectly-fulfilled deliveries of stock account for millions of pounds of revenue each year. Our highly trained teams of good faith receivers will carry out sample stock checks at various supply chain points to assess the accuracy of deliveries. Using our teams removes the need for your valuable retail staff to spend time checking and reconciling every delivery.

Factory cleanliness might not seem the most important aspect but potential clients will consider this when choosing vendors. The cleanliness of a factory promotes the brand image and is a strong indicator of orderliness, high standards and attention to health and safety. Our award-winning teams understand the importance of specialist cleaning regimes. For example, we help food manufacturers and distributors to comply with the Food Safety Act 1990, we take pride in our ‘cleanest manufacturing site’ having contributed to Formula 1 success or, as part of an integrated package, our specialist cleaning capabilities contributing to aircraft landing systems being produced to the very highest standards