Healthcare security services

Our high profile and visible hospital security service provides peace of mind for patients and staff. OCS has extensive experience of providing security services to the healthcare sector. We understand the culture and style of hospital security and take a proactive approach to ensuring the safety of your patients, staff and visitors.

We work in partnership with our clients to gain a solid understanding of individual security requirements and deliver a seamless, flexible service, adopting best practice in all areas of our operation to maintain a safe and secure environment.

OCS security personnel are vetted, Private Security Authority (PSA) licensed and fully trained in accredited and recognised techniques. Our security officers are equipped with a multitude of skills, including detailed knowledge of individual sites, customer service skills to interface effectively and empathetically with patients, staff and visitors and on occasion, utilise their skills in dealing with conflict or aggression.

Our services include:

  • Responding to security incidents where patients, missing persons, visitors, staff or property are perceived to be at risk
  • Assisting with crime prevention
  • Developing and carrying out regular random patrols and security audits which encompass ad hoc events that are noted and actioned immediately such as securing doors and windows that have been left open, turning off internal lights where they are not needed and reporting faulty external security lights, damage such as graffiti or leaking oil, water or steam, and external fences and barriers that are in need of repair
  • Recording and logging security patrol checks, including security and incident reporting
  • Responding to fire, intruder and panic alarm call outs and contacting alarm suppliers
  • Provision of heightened security in areas and departments deemed as high risk
  • Escort duties for vulnerable patients, staff and visitors
  • Responding to disaster and emergency contingency plans
  • Access control