Planned and ad-hoc portering services

OCS works in partnership with healthcare providers to deliver patient-focused services. We provide a proactive and responsive portering service that includes assisting patients as well as the movement of goods within and around healthcare environments. We ensure our clients’ assets are managed effectively whilst the well-being of their patients remains the core focus.

Porters are among the first people that your patients and staff encounter in hospitals, and are often faced with general queries such as directions. Our porters are friendly, professional and patient care trained, with a focus on maintaining patient dignity and carrying out duties efficiently and effectively, whilst maintaining a personable demeanour.

We deliver planned and ad-hoc assistance within healthcare environments, including urgent, routine, and scheduled distribution of stock and non-stock items, equipment and furniture, pharmaceuticals, specimens and clinical items.

OCS invests in multi-skilling teams, and can therefore include a security detail as part of its portering service. Our staff conduct regular security patrols and report, respond to and investigate all security incidents as well as securing access and egress to all sites and monitoring security systems such as CCTV to ensure patient, staff, visitor and property safety. This may include escorting staff to their cars outside of normal working hours.

Our porters can also facilitate additional services, such as an internal post service where they sort, security check and deliver post within and between buildings and sites.

We implement mental health awareness, patient care, first aid and managing conflict and violence awareness training to adapt our services to your healthcare environment and patient groups.