Infection Prevention and Domestic Services

Preventing the spread of infection in healthcare environments

OCS healthcare cleaning teams are very much at the forefront of hospital infection prevention and control. They undergo rigorous training in the behaviour and prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs), as well as having a working knowledge and understanding of cross contamination and the elements associated with the spread of infection within this specific environment.

Our specialist cleaning teams use meticulously designed wet and dry cleaning methods to minimise the risk of infection along with techniques, such as isolation cleaning and hand hygiene, to help prevent the spread of infection. We also work closely with our preferred suppliers to ensure that innovation that aids us in infection prevention is communicated to our OCS and Infection prevention teams within the hospitals where we supply a multitude of services.

We adhere to the NHS colour coding scheme for hospitals. We work to identify all risk categories such as very high risk areas (theatres and endoscopy), toilets and bathrooms, general wards and public thoroughfares and significant risk areas (day activity and rehabilitation areas) to ensure greater infection prevention.  

Our teams have comprehensive guidelines in the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and for the disposal of all waste streams, including sharps, offensive waste and general waste. We have carefully documented procedures for isolation cleaning and for outbreak cleaning, where an infected area may require escalation to our enhanced cleaning service, ensuring we place emphasis on near and frequent touch points aiding the Infection prevention teams’ attempts to control the spread of the outbreak.