Finance and Insurance

Professional facilities management

As an organisation which offers expertise in the financial and insurance marketplace, you will appreciate the value that can be achieved when working with teams of individuals who know everything there is to know about their field. By working with you to deliver your essential property services, OCS can furnish you with best in class facilities services and take away the onus of these non-core, yet fundamental responsibilities, allowing you to focus on your business.

Trust is an essential factor in any successful client-business relationship; just as your customers rely on you to manage their finances in order to protect and maximise the value of their assets and deliver a return on their investments, you should expect nothing less from your facilities management partner.

Whether you are looking for a security service for your data centres or a cleaning service for your trading floors, OCS will ensure that your property and brand are maintained to the highest standards and make a positive impact on your workplace environments.

We adopt a logical, statistical ‘top-down’ approach when developing bespoke solutions for our clients, using benchmarking data, best practice from across our wide contract portfolio and innovative thinking to deliver maximum service efficiency and quality for you. Our rigorous risk management programme will ensure that we protect you from any adverse occurrences within our control and we will guarantee that your confidential information is always treated with the utmost sensitivity, by vetting and training every member of the team to your specific standards.

You can also be assured that we will never rush into change. As we get to know the intricacies of your organisation, we will develop a future plan for savings and improvements over the duration of our contract which will map out how we will deliver against your financial and qualitative targets. By keeping rigorous records of performance standards and always being available to communicate with you, we will demonstrate our performance objectively and provide you with cost certainty for the entire duration of our contract.