Reducing energy consumption, water usage, carbon emissions and waste

Our commitment to building a sustainable business for tomorrow means our stewardship of the environment is built into our business plans and processes. We strive continuously to reduce the environmental impact of our own operations and those of our clients. We do this by developing systems, processes and adopting technological innovations to reduce our clients’ and our own energy consumption, water usage, carbon emissions and waste.

Our drive to be a responsible steward of the environment extends beyond our own operations to our supply chain. We work in partnership with clients to help achieve their own sustainability goals by delivering service solutions which save energy and reduce waste. We have developed an environmental dashboard which records our consumption of resources and measures our carbon intensity. By diverting waste from landfill, cutting paper use, promoting recycling schemes, innovating with the greenest technologies for our vehicle fleet and by saving water and energy, we are acting today to sustain our business, our clients’ businesses and the environment in which we work for tomorrow’s generations.